Botanicaire Air Purifier Filter

Includes 4 standard plants.

Description: Natural Air Detoxifier
Purpose: To remove toxic gases and other common indoor pollutants.

The modern industrial age has given us so much: Comfort and luxury for most, instant communication from around the world, and so many other things that no one could have dreamed of even a hundred years ago. But the modern industrial age has also given us something else: Volatile Organic Compounds. These are toxic gases that affect the lives of almost every human being, every day, as they are emitted from man made materials such as, furniture, detergents, printers, and even the painted walls around you, in a process known as “offgassing”.

These VOC‘s such as Formaldehyde, Toulene, Benzene, and others, are responsible for the effects of Sick Building Syndrome, including: fatigue, headaches, nausea, tremors, Asthma attacks, and (according to the latest research) even long-term health implications such as cancer could result from continual VOC exposure. But what you say, can we do about these VOC‘s? If they are a natural consequence of our industrial society, then what possibly can be done about them? To which, In Vitro answers: “A natural consequence deserves a natural cure, and that cure is- Botanicaire.”

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Botanicaire Air Purifier Filter
Botanicaire Air Purifier Filter

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